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MED-MIG Search targets an audience of researchers and policy makers, seeking information on the broadly defined field of labour migration. Depending on the copyrights, whenever possible it makes available full-text copies of scholarly research on the subject.

Geographical Scope

MED-MIG Search collects scholarly research in the field of labour migration in South and Southeast Asia

Themes Covered

Information collects on the following key thematic areas which were developed by a team of researchers:

  • Employment

  • Financial services

  • Domestic migration control

  • Social cost of labour migration

  • Reintegration

  • Social protection

  • Recruitment

  • Welfare and protection

Types of Documents

Working papers, conference papers, journal articles, reports, books, book chapters, government documents are included in the MED-MIG Search.


MED-MIG Search is developed as a part of the Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka's (IPS) 'Meeting the Development Challenges of Migration' research study which received financial support from Think Tank Initiative (TTI), IDRC.

Copyright and Usage

MED-MIG Search does not hold the copyright to materials (articles, working papers, conference papers, books, book chapters etc.) available in the database. Copyrights may be held by the respective author(s), organisations/institutions or publishers. Thus some items may be available only for restricted access and except for the author(s) and title they are not available for public viewing. If you click on a link to an item and you are asked to log in, that item is not for open access.

Non-restricted materials downloaded from MED-MIG Search can be used for non-commercial and personal study purposes only. No other use is permitted without permission from the respective copyright owner.


MED-MIG Search is maintained at the Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka (IPS), with responsibility given to IPS Information Resource Centre. The operations are carried out by the coordinator:

Premila Gamage

Chief Librarian, IPS

Submitting Materials to MED-MIG Search

MED-MIG welcomes working papers, conference papers, journals, and other relevant material from academics, researchers, government agencies, and non-government organizations. MED-MIG staff is available to guide you on how to begin submitting your documents to MED-MIG database. Else we can assist you without a cost by filling out the submission form and uploading your publications. For more information contact the coordinator at

Remember to obtain copyright clearance before submitting both abstracts and full-texts when copyright owner is other than submitters/authors.

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